Here are the merits of CBSE-i curriculum and its teaching strategies:

  • Teaching - Learning is based on three i’s – interlinking, integration, interwoven. English, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Physical Education, Art, and Music are taught vide this methodology. CBSE-i focuses on life skills. The teaching is learner-centric, connected to real life, and focuses on development of thinking and reasoning skills. On the whole, the methodology of teaching is purely activity-based and research-oriented.
  • This curriculum facilitates the holistic development of a child. With this system of teaching / learning, the child becomes more independent and confident. The logical, analytical and reasoning skills are fully developed.
  • Versatility is of vital importance, in this curriculum. Hence, the syllabus is sculpted according to the nativity of the child, its cultural values and faith.
  • Teachers motivate the children to indulge in independent researching and guide them, one-to-one. Concepts are introduced with the support of visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, hands-on training etc. Worksheets are given to each student, according to his / her need for learning. Consequently, assessment is done on that basis. All the classes are equipped with smart boards.
  • Involving parents in identifying each child’s level of understanding / learning / skills and educating them to emerge victorious, is another aspect of CBSE-i.
  • Students are goaded on by the teachers, in decision-making. Parents are counselled to allow their children to make choices in certain areas of life – in order to develop their independent, logical and reasoning skills.
  • Social Empowerment through Work and Action ( SEWA ) is yet another facet of CBSE-i. With an emphasis on it in the curriculum, it is taken into account for assessment as well. To inculcate a sense of empathy for other people, students are taken to public places where people from all social strata come / gather. Occasion to witness widespread human suffering will not be missed out. The purpose is to get the students accustomed to realities of life, thereby making them stronger and confident to face the challenges in real life.


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